Interview: Nick Sawinyh von SEOMATOR

Heute möchte ich Nick Sawinyh von SEOMATOR interviewen. Da das ganze auf Englisch ist, empfehle ich für nicht-englische sprechende Menschen Auf dem Blog möchte ich aber dann doch ganz gerne das original Interview festhalten.

In den nächsten Monaten werde ich einen Testbericht zu dem Tool veröffentlichen.

Jetzt aber zum Interview:

Hi, Nick, introduce yourself to my readers.

Hi there,
I’m Nick Sawinyh, co-founder and Product Manager at Seomator. I’ve been working in SEO Industry for more than ten years. Thus, I know what I’m doing with Seomator and what the particular tools SEO folks are interested in their everyday tasks. I keep myself aware of new Web trends and I love doing it. My goal is to improve the technological world by creating new and better ways of dealing with huge amounts of data.

There is a lot of competition in the SEO tool industry, how do you stand out from the competition like SISTRIX, SEOPOWERSUITE, XOVI and co. off?

What makes us different from our competitors is our absolute focusing on automation of the SEO Audit tasks. Seomator is an online SEO Audit tool crawls a website and provides a comprehensive analysis Report you can export and download in a white-label PDF detailing the problems, scores, and fixes to onpage and offpage SEO performance.
If you want to constantly be aware of what is going on with your website then you would like SEO Monitoring Alerts. Seomator performs auto-schedule crawling tasks and let you know right away if something is wrong.
Furthermore, Seomator can compare two websites as fast as 10 minutes which is very useful when you try to find a quick decision about SEO improvement.
Reports also come with a How-to-Fix section that tells you where there are errors and tips that will help you to improve your website.
We also happen to be more affordable than most of the other services out there.

Your tool is only available in English, are you planning other languages?

Since we’ve been asked this question very often, we are strongly working on resolving this task and planning to realize multilingual solution in the beginner of 2018. We’re adapting the tool for French, Spanish, Dutch, and German languages.

SEOMATOR can mainly analyze the onpage optimization, do you plan other tools like ranktracking, backlinks ect?

As I said before, we prefer to be focused on one solution, and summarizing customers’ needs and our strong sides we’re working on crawling improvements and monitoring tool that allow SEO experts to track all the particular website changes. In other words, we keep going on simplifying and automating SEO folks live providing easy and ‘all-in-one’ decision.

Is there a possibility to test your tool?

Definitely! We offer 7-Day Trial so that you can try all the features and tools within particular Seomator Plan. If you are a beginner SEO consultant or websites owner, we would recommend you to try Small Business Plan provides you with five White-label comprehensive PDF report based on your website’s SEO, internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed mobile usability, text statistics, social media, organic presence and content quality. Embedded SEO Audit Widget is available with any Seomator monthly Plan, and it perfectly can provide you new clients and sales.
If you are a small SEO agency and need more Reports during a month, then you could try Professional Plan as well that provides up to 15 Reports/mo, and free recrawls within 30 days. For large and busy SEO Agencies we recommend Seomator Unlimited Plan, so you have unlimited reports each month, all the features that have other Plans (Domain Comparison, Monitoring Alerts, Collaboration Workspace), and the additional one – API access. You can cancel or change your Plan yourself at any time.

Thanks for your answers!

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